Ecole maternelle

2000 / 2003

Ecole maternelle

Education & Research

Building’s rehabilitation and development for the creation of a nursery school of 8 classrooms (240 children).

The operation deals with the totality of the buildings: hall and principal part erected in 1913 by Delaire, Architect, and extension dated from the 60’s along rue Sarette. It includes the complete internal restructuring of the school premises with a securing of these latter and the creation of company housings, developed in the height of the third floor.

The principal building and its hall represent the largest area to restructure. To preserve a good brightness by using the indirect light and to create a warmer space and at a children scale, we have lowered the classroom’s height with curved suspended ceiling in punching plaster.

The interior arrangement brings out a recreative aspect to spaces. The colours used - one colour by activity and a colour shading by floor - mark the circulations and identify the spaces. The premises are bright and the natural light is omnipresent.
Balloon shaped lightings hang from the ceiling.

A low yard was cleared in front of the extension transforming the basement in a garden level. A tubelike footbridge in blue punching metal allows communication with the main yard situated in the ground floor of the building. It brings a play and colourful touch to the whole.

The building’s gable on the extension side is equipped with a new façade, treated with two zinc plates and two blue walls. Using the existing structures, it integrates a lift and washroom facilities for the three floors. This new façade is a landmark in «Sarette» street and expresses a contemporary touch.

Contracting authority: City of Paris
Architect: Architecture-Studio
Engineering: Choulet, Lamalle
Acoustics: AVA
Area: 2,500 m²
Competition: 2000, winner
Completion: 2003

Paris, France

Ecole maternelle

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