Philips Exhibition

2006 / 2006

Transitions II : Light on the Move

Culture / Interior design

Itinerant exhibition hall

«Transitions: Light on the Move» is an event exploring new ways to use light. Containers travel through Europe, housing the work of eight architects of international renown, working together with light designers. Light is thought as the core material of these creations. Each work focuses on a particular theme: sustainable development, well-being, communication, trade, urban life, entertainment, work, mobility. Visitors «experiment» light through those sets.

Along with Grandeur Nature and La Muse en circuit, a multidisciplinary group, Architecture-Studio built an exhibition room which recreates the environment of cities. In this container, city and sound meet to highlight some fragments of the urban agitation: the charm of the sound of cars driven on wet pavements, the slivers of dumb trucks, the sound of a woman walking… We can hear voices talking to imaginary interlocutors. We’re surrounded by a mixed polyphony, reflecting the city, a space of communication and loneliness where cultures coexist. This acoustic creation organizes the cacophony in order to guide visitors by the sound of a bird flying off into the light of the sky. Light is fully part of the city. The city is man’s creation, and in this container each one can create a unique and extraordinary experience of a metaphorical city, alone or with others. As you go through the entrance curtain that separates the room from the exhibition hall and thus provides privacy and intimacy, the space is completely dark. The only thing you can see, far away, is a really small window of blue sky.

the floor. Many more lights, on different scales, are bright on one side and change while moving on the glass flagstone.

Client: Philips
Architect: Architecture-Studio
Acoustics: La Muse en Circuit
Lighting Designer: Grandeur Nature
Surface: 15 sqm
Completion: 2007

Paris, France

Transitions II : Light on the Move

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