Danone Vitapole

2000 / 2002

Research centre for Quality & Development

Interior design

Sustainably designed research & development centre, including research and development workshops, laboratories and offices.

A place in favour of exchanges: these quality, flexible areas liven up the various research & development projects. The set up of informal meeting places stimulates contact between people, between the ground floor and upstairs, between the inside and the outside, between built areas and the landscape.

An evolutive unity: the evolution of the interior spaces is ensured by a structure featuring few constraints. The extension of the different areas of the building in three directions is one of the fundamental concepts of the project and contributes to its vocabulary.

A strong link between nature and architecture: nature, present throughout the site, penetrates the building through two interior curved openings arousing both surprise and emotion. The project was conceived according to Haute Qualité Environnementale standards (HQE French Standards for Sustainable Building Criteria).

Danone Vitapole, dedicated to an experimental programme, is more a place than a simple building. The project combines technology and landscape, passion and rigor, just like the men and women who work there.

Client : Danone Vitapole
Architect: Architecture-Studio
Engineering: Choulet, Martin, Babinot
Landscaping: Françoise Arnaud
Acoustics: AVA
Economy: Cyprium
Area: 30 000 sqm
Competition: 2000, winner
Completion: 2002

Palaiseau, France

Research centre for Quality & Development

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