Research park

2004 / 2008

Technological Park

Office & Industry

Landscape design and spatial organisation of Jinqiao research park buildings.

The Technological Park we designed in Shanghai was an opportunity to continue the development plan conceived by the Jinqiao Group for the entire site. The existing spatial structure was our starting point to develop the project in order to create a lively, contemporary and homogeneous Park.

The central point of the composition is the gap created by the lake; the buildings harmoniously spread around this gap in order to preserve the pleasant surroundings. The buildings outline is characterised by a continuous chiselled shell with different-sized parts, thus creating a protective envelope that filters sunlight and reduces noise pollution.

The buildings construction respects the local regulations and offers a dynamic and environmentally-friendly image to the Technological Park.

Client: Jinqiao Group
Architect: Architecture-Studio
Area: 41,300 sqm
International competition: 2004, winner
Completion: 2008

Shanghai, China

Technological Park

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