2010 World Exhibition

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World Exhibition 2010

Public facilities / Urban planning

Shanghai World Exhibition 2010

The Shanghai World Exhibition embodies the theme of ‘a better city, a better life’.

The site chosen for the World Exhibition stands at the heart of Shanghai, on both sides of the Huangpu river. The area of the exhibition covers 310ha, the access areas 126ha. This includes the accommodation areas and the exhibition village, the accommodation being for the staff. This project offers the rare opportunity of achieving a vision and establishing an historic base for the city. Well beyond the dates of the exhibition, the project will have a continuing impact on the development of the city.

New infrastructures such as green corridors and canals, will highlight the river and its surroundings which are open to nature. The new structures will improve the connections between the city and nature.
The development of the site will, therefore, solve a number of problems related to urban concentration, such as traffic, population density and pollution. The masterplan of Shanghai World Exhibition is dedicated to high sustainability. 

Client: World Exhibition 2010 Shanghai Bidding Office, Shanghai
Architect and urban designer: Architecture-Studio
Sociologist: Roger Perrin Jaquet
Site area: 9,000,000 sqm
Competition: winner, 2001

Shanghai, China

World Exhibition 2010

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