Interior design of 2010 World Exhibition Centre

2008 / 2011

Interior design of the Public Exhibition Centre

Interior design

interior design of the conference room, the ball room and other functional areas

Our project includes the interior design of the conference room, the ball room, as well as other functional areas. The project resembles a music box, as it plays with various keys. Given the unique features of the architectural concept, wood and metal are applied on the facade in order to mark the different functional areas. Besides, transparent items make these areas more dynamic. The administrative hall is the main functional area in the building. We have emphasized details in order to create an elegant architectural concept. Indeed, we have applied music theories to the design of the walls, while complying with acoustic and optical constraints. The main colour of these areas is metal grey, as the building will mainly accomodate exhibitions dedicated to science and new technologies.

Contracting authority: Shanghai World Expo (Group) Co.
Architect: AS.Architecture-Studio
Area: 45,020 sqm
Competition: 2008
Completion: 2011

Shanghai, China

Interior design of the Public Exhibition Centre

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