Interior design of Zegna offices

2009 / 2010

Interior design of Zegna offices and showroom

Interior design

Interior design of Zegna Shanghai offices and showroom

The structure elevation of the entire architecture space is 6.15 m, and its floor area is only 1,320 sqm. However, this new office needs to accommodate nearly 110 people.

In order to make the most rational integration of space, and at the same time, to preserve airy high-ceiling entrance hall and lounge space, a steel structure interlayer is set in the remaining office space. The original usable area is actually increased to 2,435 sqm.

The line plays an important part in the entire space design; this element was extracted from the textile itself, reminding the fabric and patterns, as well as the detailed stitching of Zegna products. Lines thus reflect the fine and delicate style and quality characterizing the Italian fashion brand.

According to different arrangements of lines in the façade pattern, the combination of materials, colors and lighting design creates a complex and homogeneous interior space. Furthermore, the different materials and colours underline the functional division of space.

Client: Zegna Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Design: AS. Architecture-Studio
Gross area: 1,859 sqm
Floor area: 1,320 sqm
Competition: 2009
Completion: 2010

Shanghai, China

Interior design of Zegna offices and showroom

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