Jin Qiao office park

2006 / 2010

Jinqiao Office Building

Office & Industry

Office building complex equipped with restaurants and a fitness Center.

Open on the exterior, the “U”-shaped building directed south connects with the landscape that surrounds the Majiabang area.

The building’s eastern side is moderately high so as to reduce the projection of shadows and allow sunlight into the garden at the center. The western side on the other hand is designed like a shield protecting the building from noise pollution. The layout of the garden with its lawns, pavements and a glass louver window was designed to cover the underground relaxation areas.

The grass-covered roof protects the structure and extends the vegetation that surrounds the Majiaband bank. This arch-shaped roof enlivens the urban landscape and becomes symbolic of the ecological architecture of the area.

The southern and northern facades are made of transparent glass and their horizontal and vertical sun screens placed on the roofing assure a natural light supply. These sun screens are in perfect harmony with the building’s design.

Client: Jinqiao Group
Architect: AS Architecture-Studio
Surface: 26 955m²
Commission: 2006
Completion: 2010

Shanghai, China

Jinqiao Office Building

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