Olympic sports centre

2005 / 2005

Olympic Sports Centre

Sports facilities

Olympic stadium, gym, five swimming-pools, three tennis courts, olympic training field

The architecture of the Shenyang stadium has inspired from Chinese culture, whilst expressing modern trends, in the vanguard of cutting-edge technologies. We have intended to give several meanings to this site. First of all, is is a strong urban landmark at the heart of the city. It also has a human aspect, as, despite its size, it connects with the entire district, mainly due to the retail outlets located next to it. Thus, nearby circulations are not huge empty spaces but real streets brought to life by various activities. The soft aspect of the stadium has to do with its purified shape. Its slight and imposing swaying perfectly fits in the city’s urban landscape. The roofing is a huge undulated sheel open up in the middle and floating above the stands. This impression of calmness and balance can be also perceived through the treatment of envelopes. Thanks to the use of Teflon, the stadium offers several light and transparency degrees. The facade aspect varies all day long and the site’s atmosphere changes with each type of event. The concept is a major lively element of the project. It turns the new district of Hunnan into a genuine centre of excellence with simple, elegant and solemn architecture.

Client: Shenyang Sports Bureau, Shenyang Plan & Land Ressources Bureau
Architect: Architecture-Studio
Engineering: Main Building Structural
Area: 346,000 sqm
Competition: 2005, co-winner

Shenyang, China

Olympic Sports Centre

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