Parc technologique Metrotech

2003 / 2009

Research Park

Office & Industry / Office & Industry

Rehabilitation of Saint-Jean- Bonnefonds neuropsychiatric centre into a research park.

The development of the research park on the site of Saint-Jean-Bonnefonds teaching hospital requires a deep transformation of the nature of the place. The new use must open and drastically change this complex, originally designed as a closed space aimed at receiving and treating patients suffering from psychiatric disorders.

The project establishes a new hierarchy between spaces so as to favour the implementation of a sense of urbanity, so necessary for the well-being of technological park users. The development is conceived as a new setting around two strong elements:
- the birch-planted alley which crosses the park
- le ring in the middle of the park.

This new structure, characterized by its simplicity, is adapted to distribution and circulation conditions within the research park. Thanks to it, efficient and reliable infrastructure can be installed on site, whilst the intervention on the existing site is minimal. This type of infrastructure is able to cope with a long-term evolution of the research park.

Through its contemporary and technological design, architecture expresses the link between nature and technology on this site.

Contracting authority: Saint Etienne Métropole
Lead architect: Architecture-Studio
Co-architect: Groupe Cimaise
Engineering: Coteba
Landscape: Michel Desvigne
Quantity surveyor: Cyprium
Scope of work: complete assignment
Area: 31,800 sqm
Competition: 2003, winner
Completion: 2009

Saint-Jean-Bonnefonds, France

Research Park

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