Pôle culturel de Saint-Malo La Grande Passerelle

2009 / 2014

La Grande Passerelle Cultural hub


New cultural complex : media library, three art cinemas, foyer, public and multimedia spaces.

The location of the media library and art cinema in Saint-Malo is strategic and emblematic : it is situated both in the city centre and on the historical axis that connects the new railway station to the city and the sea. This exceptional location turns the cultural hub into the city’s first visible landmark when exiting the railway station. This project implies an original, contemporary urban and architectural response, up to the stakes of the new city centre. As an «esplanade building» it is meant to become Saint-Malo’s cultural icon.
Through the same language and aesthetics, this complex brings together the inside and outside areas. Daily and cultural activities, as well as exceptional events interact in this unique spot, very attractive by day and at night, throughout the year.
The project is both contextual and autonomous as it creates an iconic architectural identity and at the same time structures the main axis of Saint Malo. The building is composed of a double wave that sets the station esplanade in motion. This symbol of a city open onto the sea, is enhanced by a glazed urban foyer that leads to the library on one side, and to the cinema on the other. Both cultural entities are covered with green roofs and bound together by a photovoltaic ribbon. Heat is provided by a geothermal process. This building is certified «Norme NF Bâtiment Tertiaire démarche HQE» (sustainable design approach for tertiary buildings) and labelled «THPE ENR -30%» (very high energy performance).

Contracting authority: City of Saint Malo
Architect: Architecture-Studio
General company: SOGEA Bretagne
Engineering: Arcoba, T/E/S/S (structure and envelopes)
Lighting design: 8’18’’
Acoustic: AVA
Quantity surveyor: Eco Cités
Assignment: Full design & works supervision
Area: 6,000 sqm
Competition: 2009, winner
Completion: 2014
Programme: le troisième pôle
Visual identity : Thomas Kieffer
Furnitures : Architecture-Studio(mandator)
Special furnitures : OmLA

Saint-Malo, France

La Grande Passerelle Cultural hub

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