Gare de Saint-Denis-Pleyel

2014 / 2014

Saint-Denis-Pleyel train station

Public facilities

Train station, library, co-working spaces, art gallery, food court, shops.


The Saint-Denis-Pleyel train station, emblematic of the Grand Paris Express network (GPE), is one of the most strategic. It belongs to the "territory of Culture and Creation," endowed with great potential for growth and development, that will also be the meeting point of all the lines of the GPE.
Multidimensional, the station is designed as a prism, sensor and diffuser of flows and cultures, like the optical prism that captures and diffractes the light rays. By its precise insertion into its future urban environment, the station offers smooth, efficient and intuitive paths. Its rich program offers a variety of uses and makes it a real place to live. Visitors are welcome to stroll, work or learn in the bright and grandiose interior spaces, as well as on the playful Great Parvis or the panoramic footbridge.
Iconic, the Saint-Denis-Pleyel station is a new identity for the metropolitan territory of which it intensifies the development. It is also a landmark by its singular shape, its quality of treatment, and its numerous publics.

Client : Société du Grand Paris
Architect and group's representative : AS.Architecture-Studio
Landscaping : Coulon Leblanc et associés
Lighting : Concepto
Sustainable development : Elioth
Acoustics : Acoustique Vivié et Associés
Quantity surveyor : Eco Cités
Area : 1 ha
Competition : 2014, 2nd finalist

Saint-Denis, France

Saint-Denis-Pleyel train station

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