AS.Architecture-Studio Cité scolaire Honoré d’Urfé

2008 / 2014

Honoré d'Urfé School Complex

Education & Research

Restructuration of a secondary and high school for 2560 students. 

Restructuring the school complex was the opportunity to come up with an innovative design that would be the answer to the question of detailed programing.
The aim was to group a junior high school, a high school and all the facilities and departments necessary for school life, all within the same space. A student’s school life within this complex will begin as he enters sixth grade and it will end seven years later. This is why the main two entities that form the school complex are two structures that need a different and appropriate architectural approach, although they are similar by nature because of their function.

The new school complex is designed as one built coherent, identifiable, edifice inscribed within an organized space that surrounds a landscaped garden where each separate building has its own identity. The school complex offers a coherent architecture as the junior high school is physically detached from the high school. The entries to each building and the recreation spaces are also separated. Each building is within a defined territory, like two districts within the same city. This spatial difference is fundamental for the wellbeing of the students, professors and staff.

Contracting Authority: Rhône Alpes region 
Architect: Architecture-Studio
Engineering: Berim, Eco Cités 
Acoustics: AVA
Economy: Cyprium
Assignment: Public contract basis
Surface: 30.000 m²
Competition: 2009, laureate

Saint-Etienne, France

Honoré d'Urfé School Complex

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