Simulateur 3D de la ville durable pour Santiago du Chili

2014 / 2015

3D simulator of the sustainable city

Urban planning

"Santiago Des3aDo" is a 3D digital representation and simulation for design and sustainable management of urban planning in all its components: mobility, sanitation, water, waste, energy, telecommunications, etc. The simulator is a tool for development and promotion of urban planning solutions, architecture, services, products and technologies, promoting the French expertise in sustainable city.
The result of an agreement signed in March 2014 between the French government and the Municipality of Santiago, the project has been funded with a contribution of 2 million euro by the French government, under the name of FASEP – Green Innovation, financing tool of the Ministry of Economy, Productive Recovery and Digital dedicated to the support and demonstrators of innovative technologies for the environment and sustainable development. Five French companies – Artelia , Veolia, Architecture-Studio, Arte Charpentier, Siradel – had the opportunity to initiate a genuine cooperation with the local actors of sustainable urban renewal of the heart of the Chilean capital.
With a valuable historical heritage, the City of Santiago faces many environmental, economic and social issues. Reduce inequalities, minimize pollution, revitalize public space and improve mobility: these are the challenges that the country seeks to face the needs of the city of tomorrow. This urban renewal program will help the historic center to regain its attractiveness and to offer to the city a better quality of life.
Create a new land and build a new urbanity: the simulator is used to design an urban project, to simulate its impact, to evaluate its benefits, to present technical solutions and the French know-how under different scenarios integrated to the 3D model of Santiago. "Santiago Des3aDo" is the visual, interactive and unique tool that allows everyone to approach the complex dimensions of the sustainable city.

Client: Ministère de l’Economie et des Finances
Group members: Artelia, Veolia, Architecture-Studio, Arte Charpentier, Siradel
Architects : Architecture-Studio, Arte Charpentier
Competition: 2014
Completion: 2015

Santiago, Chile

3D simulator of the sustainable city

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