Développement urbain de Moskovsky

2010 / 2011

Urban development of Moskovsky district

Urban planning

restructuration of a residential district

The project aims to dynamize the Moskovsky district in Saint-Petersburg. This high-quality, prized and modern built district was completed during the 20th century and is located at the entrance of the city, on the road leading to the airport.

The master plan design proposes an ecological, multiple-scale project: from the city, to the district, to the block. The project is structured around a central park which acts as the district’s green lung and unifying element. The layout of the buildings follows the outline of the park which communicates with the interior buildings, forming a coherent architecture and landscape.

At the housing block scale, the U-shaped layouts orientate the buildings southwards. Their heights progressively decrease to offer the greatest view onto the park. Depending on their location and orientation, their sizes vary to form a harmonized density and optimize sun exposure. Whilst inscribing the new buildings within the existing urban fabric, the north-south layout of most of the buildings disallows the casting of shadows.

The road network is designed to link the main existing areas with the upcoming ones. The north-south axis offers a fast access to the buildings and the park. The main tree-road is designed as the heart of the building that also allows cyclists and pedestrians to smoothly circulate, after the fashion of slightly curved cross roads that help reduce speed.

Client: SPB Renovation
Architect-Planner: AS.Architecture-Studio
Mission: Master plan
Surface: 133 ha
Commission: 2010
Urban project: 2011

Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Urban development of Moskovsky district

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