European Parliament

1991 / 1998

European Parliament

Public facilities / Office & Industry

Hemicycle and offices for the Headquarters of the European Parliament including: a 750-seat hemicycle, 1133 offices for members of Parliament, 18 commission halls / committee rooms from 50 to 350 seats, a catering centre and service areas.

The architecture of the European Parliament expresses the culture of Europe and its history. It is also representative of our era and of the democratic institution behind the building: a new heritage, destined to achieve its full value through the Parliament’s decisions, was thus created.

The building embodies the foundations of Western civilization: Classicism and the Baroque, the transition from a central geometric structure (Galileo) to the ellipse (Kepler, Gongora), an unsettled snapshot of geometry and the transition from centralized power to democracy.

Both iconic and appealing to the media, the European Parliament takes into account the morphology of its vicinity, from the city to Europe. It is a contextual building in the broad sense of the word. It embodies the strength of unity and the openness of democracy.

Client: S.E.R.S.
Architect and lead consultant: Architecture-Studio
Co-architect: G. Valente
Engineering: Sogelerg, G.I.L. (Serue, E.T.F., O.T.E. Ingénierie)
Built areas: 220,000 sqm
Competition: 1991, winner
Completion: 1999

Strasbourg, France

European Parliament

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