Millennium Building

2003 / 2014

Millenium Building

Towers / Hotels, Shops and Leisure / Housing

Commercial centre in the city centre comprising 3 cinemas, offices, apartments and a panoramic restaurant

Situated on Kavajes Av., one of the city’s main axes, and next to Tirana’s main square, this building will be an urban landmark, due to its location and to a component of the programme - cinemas - which are still scarce in Tirana. It is thus a highly interesting cultural and leisure cluster, providing several facilities and a ttractions: a commercial centre, cafes and a panoramic restaurant. Thanks to its slender profile, which is easily readable and can be rapidly identified within urban landscape, this com plex will become a landmark for Tirana.
The plot is part of an urban block of buildings subject to future development. Therefore, one of the challenges of this project is to be thematrix guide of this development, in ordR to achieve a coherent architectural complex, in syn ergy with the city. On the long term, public spaces will be of high quality and easily readable. The restaurant, the offices and the dwellings will be superposed to the commercial podium, whilst developing a common typology. The project will be adapted to the distri ct’s morphology. A planted terrace can be imagined on the roofing of lower levels, dedicated to retail outlets. This terrace would become a pleasant public amenity overlooking the city and featuring restaurants, cafes and playgrounds.

Client: International Distribution for Albania - IDA FHA
Architect: AS.Architecture-Studio
Co-architect: Atelier 4
Engineering: STS, Choulet
Area: 20,000 sqm
Commission: 2003
Completion: 2014

Tirana, Albania

Millenium Building

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