Aménagement du centre-ville de Tirana

2003 / 2004

Urban Design of Tirana City Centre

Urban planning

Master Plan of Tirana city centre.

The political, economic and social changes experienced by Albania during the past few years have stimulated the capital city development.

Tirana has gone through a period of change which has been decisive for the future of the city. New approaches were needed to support the growth and modernization of the city, and those aims have been included into the urban development.

The project is structured around the main axes: the Deshmoret E Kombit Avenue and the River Lana, and integrates elements of Tirana’s landscape such as parks, rivers and mountains. The Deshmoret E Kombit Avenue and the urban park will extend from the inner city and the forest hill to the river and Skanderberj square.

Tirana is a Mediterranean city, where outdoor life is synonymous with friendship and social interaction. Public squares will be reorganized and sometimes entirely re-designed, and will accommodate cultural and shopping facilities in the future.

The existing transportation system will be re-structured into a new and more efficient public transport network. The main current railway station will be re-built into a complete transport centre which will include shops and a car park. Ring roads will help control the traffic congestion of Tirana’s city centre.

This urban project extends from North to South in the city. Tirana’s main features are there preserved and respected while establishing the dynamism of a modern European city.

Contracting authority: Municipality of Tirana
Architect and urban designer: Architecture-Studio
Assignment. Full conception to detailed master plan
Site Area: 170 Ha
International competition: 2003, winner
Design completion: 2005

Tirana, Albania

Urban Design of Tirana City Centre

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