Vaso Pacha office complex

2003 / 2006

Vaso Pasha building

Interior design / Hotels, Shops and Leisure

Leisure and business cluster including restaurants, retail outlets, a bar, a gym centre, a car park and business areas.

The design of the new urban complex of Tirana located on Vaso Pasha street is mainly based on an urban insertion at the scale of surrounding buildings. The project fits in the size - theorical envelope - permitted by Tirana’s current urban regulations. Its architecture is partially the result of it.

As a contrast with recent achivements in the shape of parallelipipeds marking street angles, we have decided to treat the angle by a breech, a structuring cut. The two vertical crests which define it mark the street angle. The building is thus made of two elements which are morphologically readable and compose some sort of geometric duality expressed through a differentiated architectural treatment.

The southern and western facades are made of copper. The northern and eastern facades are made of a curtain wall in transparent glass in order to allow offices to benefit from the view on Vaso Pasha street and the garden. A monolith of glass and glass crystal defines the generating duality of this project.

Client: International Distribution for Albania
Architect: Architecture-Studio
Scope of work: Standard
Area: 5,500 sqm
Commission: 2003
Completion: 2006

Tirana, Albania

Vaso Pasha building

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