Sports Centre

2003 / 2003

Sports Centre

Sports facilities

Reconstruction of Toulouse Sports Centre

The project suggested for the Sport Centre of Toulouse is an ambitious one that satisfies technical and economical constraints from the programme and proposes a strong image. It is a convivial and festive equipment with a simple technology applied to it, yet adapted to the surrounding urban network.
The Sport Centre of Toulouse must be recognisable, innovating and environmentally friendly. Its technical performances, its readability and its integration constitute major assets for a reference edifice.
By contrast with the land where it is located, in Compans Caffarelli, it stands out in the landscape by opening itself like a light and elegant leave. Its protective and soft roof becomes a landmark within its surrounding environment. The roof signals and stands out above the square. It enables to welcome spectators, it marks the entrance and creates a link with the existing sport centre that is smaller.
Its architecture is fluid and open. We have worked on a unique symbol that links the sport equipment to its site. Its specific outline makes it very recognisable. The entrance perspective that leads to the sport centre and to the square extends the public space and integrates it to the environment.
It's a place of transition. At night, the building becomes an exceptional place without disturbing its neighbourhood.

Contracting authority: City of Toulouse
Architect: AS.Architecture-Studio
Engineering: Séchaud Bâtiment
Acoustics: AVA
Lighting: LEA
Quantity surveyor: Eco-Cités
Scope of work: Standard
Area: 9,000 sqm
Cost: € 9 M
Design: 2003

Toulouse, France

Sports Centre

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