Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Tanger

2014 / 2016

University Hospital of Tangier


University Hospital of Tangier (800 beds)

Major equipment of Tangier Tetouan new University Hospital campus area offers patients better hospitality within a privileged framework.

According to the site topography the University Hospital is organized into three main buildings placed on a pedestal. This configuration seems to extend the contours of the hill. The square features the reception hall and connects the different entities of the site. The moucharaby is extended by a large canopy that covers the lobby and is open toward the city. Its facade is composed of glass panels, protected by this large canopy.

The site constrains a compact building, which ensures the proximity and connections imposed by the functioning of the University Hospital. Focusing on functionality, the architectural project main goal is to ensure good living and working conditions for patients and staff.
The building is structured by a traffic network and a great modularity, favoring the building scalability.

This University Hospital project is deeply committed into the environmental aspect: the building is integrated into a landscaped Mediterranean inspired, park.

Designing a hospital requires a synthesis of both functional and human aspects, both reflected in the architecture of the new University Hospital of Tangier.

Client : Ministry of health - Morocco
Architects : Architecture-Studio
                  Agence Hajji & Elouali
Area : about 81 000 m²
Competition: 2016, winner
Completion: 2021

Tangier, Morocco

University Hospital of Tangier

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