Quartier mixte de la Gare du Sud

2011 / 2017

Southern train station mixed district

Hotels, Shops and Leisure / Public facilities

planning of the railway station square and design of mixed buildings including offices, hotels and shops.

The southern train station is strategically locatedat the heart of the city of Taiyuan which is a communication hub essential to the country. It aims to create a new urban core around a multimodal transport platform and a modern open-air shopping center. The train station edifice opens onto the city by a central square of 200 meters long which hosts a large garden and organizes the various access to the transport network throughseveral levels.

On either side of this square, two sets of seven buildings each house a mixed program of offices, hotels and shops. These buildings display a unified harmonized appearance on the city’s side, and more distinct facades on the heart of the islet, animated by a continuous red ribbon.

On the city’s side, the buildings are coated in a double skin envelope, made up of metal net of nearly600 km of stainless steel high-strung cables. These cables are randomlyintertwined, following railway network derivations. The buildings’form is emphasized by a double design device : one of fluidity created by the red ribbon and the another of progressive lighting that produces games of opacity and transparency depending on the time of the day.

Client: Taiyuan High-Speed Railway Investment Co.,Ltd.
Architect designer: Architecture-Studio
Architect: Beijing Urban Construction Design & Development Group Co.,Ltd
Site surface: 9.6 hectares
Construction surface: 256 000 m2
Competition: 2011
Completion: 2017

Taiyuan , China

Southern train station mixed district

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