Gare Emblématique du Grand Paris

2013 / 2013

Grand Paris Emblematic Station

Public facilities

Interconnection station including 3500 m² of business and commercial activity

A major node of the metropolitan network
The Gustave Roussy Institute Station is a structuring node of the Grand Paris Express network, interconnecting the line 14 extension (2025) with the future line 15 (2020). It showcases and signals the gateway to the future Centre of Excellence in Science and Health, and more locally to the Campus Grand Parc development zone. Moreover, the station acts as a social and activity centre for new residents living next to the Hautes Bruyères park.

A station for a flowing transportation
This station is designed to improve the flow and traffic around a central well which acts as a natural light source all the way to the platforms, ensures a better natural ventilation, and structures the routes in a more intuitive way.

A station like a magnet
As a social and activity centre, the station gathers services directed at commuters as well as dedicated to the future local residents. Its space encourages encounters, and new exchanges.

A station like a signal
As an urban regeneration driving force, the station overturns the signal classic image, offering a lofty atrium as an element of identification. This vertical horizon awakens service users perception in a climate regulated environment.

Client: Société du Grand Paris
Architect-Urban planner: Architecture-Studio
Sustainable development: Egis Concept
Acoustician: AVA
Enlightener: 8.18
Sociologist: R. Perrinjacquet
Economist: Eco-cités
Surface: 4 000 sqm
Competition: 2013

Villejuif, France

Grand Paris Emblematic Station

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