Extension of exhibition hall

1998 / 1999

Extension of Exhibition Park

Public facilities / Hotels, Shops and Leisure

Exhibition hall and 1,434 parking spaces

The new hall 7 of the Exhibition Centre at Paris-Nord Villepinte integrates all technical elements in compliance with the functional requirements of an exhibition centre. It also offers the image of softened monumentality. Soft curves and oxydated copper are the main specificities of the facade. These create some contrast - but not an opposition - between the strict foundation outline and the ‘melting’ roof.

There is no bearing point on the surface. The area of 26,180 sqm is divided into three units. These units are split into volumes of 8 m3. On the right angle of these volumes, the area can be organized in different ways by using flexible walls including side storage.

This structure is a technical challenge, but performance is not its main purpose. Our aim is to provide a unique and functional area.

Client: S.I.P.A.C., C.C.I. de Paris
Architect: Architecture-Studio
Economy Planner: Delporte-Aumond-Laigneau
Mission: standard
Area: 30,000 sqm
Competition: 1998, winner
Completion: 1999

Paris-Nord Villepinte, France

Extension of Exhibition Park

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