Pavillon de l\'aluminium de Jean Prouvé

1998 / 1999

Reconstruction of the aluminium pavillion designed by Jean Prouvé

Culture / Office & Industry / Rehabilitation

The Centennial Aluminium Pavillion was the main building designed for the great event organised in Paris from 12th June until 31st July 1954, by the French Aluminium Association.

This building, a work of Jean Prouvé, aims at expressing the technical possibilities and the uses of aluminium in construction works. Jean Prouvé designed this building so that it could be dismantled and reused, either as a whole or in separate parts.

The original building was presented as a new « gallery of machines », 152 metres long by 15 metres wide. From the available elements, one could put up 58 repetitive frames measuring of 76 m long.

The facades are completed by mounted windows, clipped onto the rabbets along the half-studs. Inside the building, 3 kiosks are set against the northern facade. They have clear beech wood paneling and feature a reception – storage area - cloakroom, an office and washroom facilities.

Client: S.I.P.A.C.
Architect: Architecture-Studio
Engineering: SETAE
Scope of work: complete assignment
Area: 1,140 m²
Competition: 1998, winner
Completion: 1999

Paris-Nord Villepinte, France

Reconstruction of the aluminium pavillion designed by Jean Prouvé

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