Canal du centre historique de Wuxi

2011 / 2011

wuxi historical center's canal

Urban planning

Master plan of the canal of the historical city of Nanchang

Located in Wuxi, the canal site of the historical Nanchang connecting Beijing to Hangzhou is a global cultural heritage. It comprises the historical Qing Ming Bridge, the area that was formerly the heart of Nanchang’s municipality.

The aim of the Master plan is to create an ecological corridor that will revitalize the link between the old and the new city while reinforcing their respective identities.

Extending east to west, this corridor irrigates the historical city within which it expands through a system that respects the city’s urban fabric and context, all the while highlighting its architectural heritage.

The corridor will house cultural events as well as diverse types of activities. It will ensure a peaceful coexistence between the historical and the modern city, harmonizing the city’s dynamism with the right living conditions.

Client: Jiangsu Ancient Canal Investment and Development Co., Ltd
Architect: AS.Architecture- Studio
Surface area: 2 030 000m²
Commission: 2011

Wuxi, China

wuxi historical center's canal

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