Immeuble de bureaux Green city

2012 / 2017

Green City offices

Office & Industry

Two buildings with offices, shops, showrooms, conference rooms, restaurants

The Pergamin buildings materialize the entrance of the Green City and the beginning of the eco-neighborhood, on the site of the former Manegg paper mill industrial site.

At the bow of the new district, these buildings offer triple skin a contrast material and opacities front. Integrated into the valley’s natural environment, they open on the neighborhood with flexible ground floor while offering panoramic views onto Zurich with their vegetated faults.

Client: Losinger Marazzi AG Zürich
Architect: Architecture-Studio
Engineer: IPB SARNEN
Landscape Vogt paysagistes, Zürich
Facades: Emmer Pfenninger Partner AG
Sustainability: LEED Platinum
Surfaces: 34 000 sqm
Competition: 2012, laureate
Delivery: 2017

Zürich, Switzerland

Green City offices

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